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We specialize in fitting Irish dancers with their footwear needs by measuring and tracking their brands, models and sizes to make it easier on future needs. We are also an authorized retailer of the full line of Camelia Rose wigs and products as well as the US distributor for iconic Irish dance shoes by John Carey!

***************************************************************************** We apologize for any communication delays. Our family is dealing with a serious illness of a close family member and that is our main focus at this time. We are scheduled to vend at The Coyle Feis next Sunday. Any prayers would be greatly appreciated. We all hope you have a great Os! *****************************************************************************


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22 APR 2013 - Wrapping Jane in Our Love (facebook) supporter

16 APR 2013 - Dance Tanz & Colored Poodle Socks!

11 APR 2013 - Fitness equipment being added!

Please email us at for any of your Irish dance (to include fitness, nutrition and beauty) or Irish/UK product requests as we deal with importers, overseas manufacturers and exporters.

New items being added daily!

Irish Dance Outfitters has teamed with our friends at The Irish Dancer to be a staging point for Wrapping Jane in Our Love (facebook community) in the UK, Ireland and surrounding countries. To make it easier for schools to donate, we are paying the international shipping for shirts that can be mailed to:

Wrapping Jane in Our Love c/o The Irish Dancer 276 Oakley Road, Corby, Northants, NN18 9NP

Please let your overseas friends know that the shirts will be collected and bulk shipped to The United States and be used in the quilt(s). We are honored to take part in this project and be part of this loving Irish dance community. Thank you and God bless.

~ Irish Dance Outfitters